Josh's CrossFit Training


<< 2012-04-06 >>

Friday 4.6.12
Regionals Training

(1) Work to 1RM Squat Clean

(2) 5x1 Squat Clean @ 90%

(3) 6 Rounds
5x Weighted Lunges

(4) "Helen" - 3 Rounds for time:
400m Run
21x Kettlebell Swings @ 24kg
12x Pull ups

A good session for Josh today - he squat cleaned 315, and then set a PR in Helen at 7:40. Right now, we're working josh through a cycle that focuses on building his skills during a work capacity effort. He needs to be proficient at these while under fatigue in order to be successful at the regionals.
A 7:40 Helen is a great time for a guy his size, and we were both happy with the result there. His cleans seem to be good, but we'd like to see him add signifcant weight to his 1RM snatch. This is something we'll be training heavily through this cycle.
The Regional workouts will come out at the end of April, so we'll know almost a month in advance what Josh is going to have to do up there, and it will give us time to train for those events.

-John Murie

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